Ingredients: Ethyl Alcohol 62% or 70%, Deionized Water, Ethanol SDA-3C, Isopropyl Mystrate, Glycerine 99.7%, Propylene Glycol, Promex 205, Synthalen K, TEA 85% (Ingredients may vary due to COVID-19 on availability)

250 - 275 Gallon Totes

Shipments come in totes of 275 Gallons or 55 gallon drums

4 Drums per Pallet, 80 Drums per truckload (55 gallon)

1 Tote per Pallet, 20 totes per truckload

Capacity of 28,000 gallons per day

Liquid and Gel Available in 62%, and 70%

55 Gallon Barrels

Hand Sanitizer and COVID-19

At this point, there is little chance that you've missed the CDC’s recommendation to use hand sanitizer to combat the spread of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) when soap and water are not available. With people buying up every last ounce of hand sanitizer in the brick and mortar stores, it’s difficult to know where to turn. SMD Sanitizer Solutions is here to help!


Our goal is to provide the extraction industry only the highest purity solvents to allow you to produce the absolute best end product.

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With our HQ based in Southern California we cover all of the United States. We are currently working with a wide range of big box companies and government officials to insure as much prevention of COVID-19